Vegan Dessert Wonders Recipe Book

"Vegan desserts are not edible."

I have heard this opinion many times and it was not always unfounded prejudice. We know that first attempts are not always successful...

I’ve been vegan for two years.

At first, what I missed the most was probably the sweets I’ve been used to and have loved since childhood.

I thought “never mind, when we go to a restaurant or cafe, I’ll eat vegan cookies”. However I had to experience with great sadness that wherever we went to eat or have coffee, VEGAN DESSERTS were not listed almost ANYWHERE on the menu, even if the option of vegan food – or even several plant-based milks – were offered.

There is – as an example – our favorite flower-shop and cafe with my husband. They have an amazing vegan selection! You can choose from a variety of plant-based milks for cappuccino, they even have handmade vegan burgers, but unfortunately, they only have one type of cookie-like dessert for vegans.


This always made me a little sad, so I decided I needed to find a solution to this problem.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to make and eat sweets.

I grew up with my mother baking cookies every week.

On holidays we made at least 4-5 types!

I started helping my mom with baking when I couldn’t even reach the table yet. That’s why my chair was always my table because I could comfortably reach it.

I stretched and cut the dough there. I still have the image in front of me how I roll out the dough with childlike glee and fill it with jam.

I have always happily made cakes and birthday cakes for family and friends.


So I enthusiastically started researching on the Internet about what ingredients I could use for vegan desserts.

I started experimenting and noticed that my family members were sneaking into the kitchen for one reason or another, and the cookies were running out.

“This can go a long way” – I thought, and I started making birthday cakes (already based on my own recipe) for my non-vegan friends. They really loved it! If I hadn’t told them afterwards, they wouldn’t have noticed the difference. The design was so similar to my old cakes!

A few weeks later, I took two cakes to an event with about fifty attendees. When one of our vegan friends heard that there were also vegan cakes, she rushed to get herself a slice of each. But by the time she got there, one of the cakes – the bounty – had already run out. I was happy to see that my vegan cakes ran out first at this event, even though there were very few vegans among the participants. Ninety-five percent of the guests were meat-eaters.

We are now at the point where, even if a distant acquaintance comes to visit us, the question regularly comes up:

"Will there be any desserts made by Anyác?"

Vegan Dessert Wonders Recipe book

My goal for vegan sweets is to move from the category of “alternative options” and “also-ran” to become the dominant players in the sweets market!

I will show that vegan desserts have at least as many flavors and shapes as well-known, traditional desserts.

Let’s start with an interesting idea:

Since I love my self-made cereal for breakfast, I started experimenting with it. I wanted to see what else can be made from it and what kind of desserts it is suitable for. I really fell in love with these creations and I made balls, baskets, thalers, and cake bases with various flavors. I’ve then gathered enough of them for books.

Based on these feedbacks, I came to share my knowledge with you!

If you want to create similar experiences for your family and your acquaintances

These recipes are Vegan