About us

I'm Gudmor, I'm Dessert Coach

My name is ‘Gudmor’ Csilla Cser, I am a dessert coach, founder of Gudmor’s Treats brand, inventor of the “Give a smile and save a life” campaign and writer of dessert recipe books.

My personal mission: To create and build love, friendships, relationships, and fun among people with my sweets.

My vision: To bring a smile and joy to the face of every person on earth with my sweets.

Now you’re probably thinking this is very idealistic. And you’re absolutely right. I’ve always been an idealist.

It has already become a saying in my family that when they ask me what kind of present I want before my birthday or Christmas, they start with “I know, I know world peace, but……?”

In my confectionary art, I was also looking for a way to put this kind of aspiration and passion into my products and creations.

I think it worked!

Look and taste it!

Then, come and join me, let's make the world more beautiful and smiley together!

If you want to know more about my why, read the interview with me.