Glair made competition

I love to bake

Baking has always been part of my life. I was so young when I started baking that I don’t even remember it. I only remember that I could “always” bake. Read more >>

I usually start inventing a new recipe by thinking of 1-2 ingredients that I would like to use to create something.

That’s when I take out these ingredients.


For years, I’ve avoided granulated sugar if possible.

Granulated sugar contains neither vitamins nor minerals, only empty calories.  Read more >>

There is a Hungarian dessert that every Hungarian knows, and I have never met a Hungarian who didn’t like it, even if said Hungarian was born abroad. This is none other than turórudi! Read more >>

A dear friend of mine recently had his birthday. He loves all my cookies and is an enthusiastic member of my “tasting team”.
But there was one that got the title of the Great Favorite from him.