A little workshop secret

little secret
I usually start to figure out a new recipe by thinking of 1-2 ingredients that I would like to use to create something.

Then I take out these ingredients.

This is how my fruit bread was made this Sunday.

I took out a couple of types of flour and put some of them in a bowl. Of course I measure everything, and I already have some experience with proportions.
And I don’t just measure, I also take notes.
The next ingredient is coming. I measure it. Notes.
I need something else… Oh, I need this!
I measure, I take notes.
I assemble the ingredients into dough. Not soft enough. We should add some plant-based milk. I measure again. I look back in the notes to see where I wrote the plant-based milk. I cross out the measure of milk and then write the new data there.
When the dessert is done, this is what my note paper looks like, which I then have to comb through during my admin day 😀

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