Fantastic Coconut kernel

Coconut seed

The other day, I tried out a cookie recipe that is not only gluten-free, but full of coconut flavor and happiness!

I looked around the cupboard and when I saw the coconut flour and shredded coconut, my imagination kicked in.

I felt that something really special could be created from this, and I was not disappointed!

First, I mashed the bananas with a fork, which in itself gave off a wonderful coconut scent.

I then added all the other goodies: shredded coconut, plant-based butter, date paste and soy milk and mixed them thoroughly.

The whole kitchen was soon permeated by the delicious coconut scent, which created a really good atmosphere.

After the dough was ready, I made shapes out of it, like some kind of magical coconut balls. Of course, I couldn’t forget the little surprise either!

coconut flour
Coconut scent

I made indentations in the center of the balls and filled them with the vegan strawberry jam.

While preparing it, I couldn’t wait to taste this miracle right out of the fragrant oven.

When we finally took it out of the oven and sprinkled the tiny bits of coconut in the recesses of the jam, I already knew that this coconut kernel would be our new favorite! 

Delicious scents, cheerful colors and of course the fact that it is 100% gluten-free and easily digestible – everyone welcomed it, especially our gluten-sensitive family member, who happily discovered that I only used coconut flour for the dough. 

This biscuit is really a tummy lover’s dream!


350 g of coconut flour

100 g Shredded coconut

100 g Vegetable butter

3 tbsp Date mass

4 dl Soya milk

200 g Vegan strawberry jam

20 g of shredded coconut on top

Tummy-friendly biscuits