Glair made competition

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I love to bake


Baking has always been part of my life. I was so young when I started baking that I don’t even remember it. I only remember that I could “always” bake.
When I was a child, we lived very close to one of our cousins. We were together all the time.
Since both of our families baked cakes every week, our game was often to have a glair whipping competition between us.
I should also add that we didn’t have a whisk back then, and we beat the egg whites with a fork.
The goal was to see who would whip up the cream first in such a way that the bowl could be turned upside down afterwards.
None of us ever spilled whipped cream from the bowl.
This is how I learned how hard a good whipped cream should be.
To this day, this is my standard for whipped cream hardness, including vegan whipped cream !

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