Interview with the founder of Gudmor’s Treats

I'm Gudmor, I'm Dessert Coach

Gudmor (Csilla): I believe that if people genuinely love each other, they can be happy.

Questioner: There might be something in this. But why is your slogan “Give a smile, save a life” so powerful? Isn’t that an exaggeration? Do you seriously think a smile saved a life?

Gudmor (Csilla): Yes. Think about what a sad person is like? Where are you looking? And now imagine that he is driving a car or just walking down the street. Meanwhile, the thing that makes him sad is constantly on his mind. Do you think he can actually see the road?

Questioner: No.

Gudmor (Csilla): That’s right. He drives his car like a “robot”, while sad thoughts are constantly in his head. That way he can cause an accident or get into an accident. But, if you give such a person a smile, you will snap him out of his sadness, for minutes, but maybe even for a whole day. And he will be happy or at least in a better mood. You gave him the chance to avoid an accident or cause an accident. And that was just 1 example out of many.

Questioner: What is the thought that created this campaign in you? What drives this thing in you?
Gudmor (Csilla): I have always wanted the people around me to be happy. But unfortunately, this was not always possible. So I started researching the reason. I learned about people skills, self-improvement, and many other similar things. But I felt that there was something else here. At that time, a friend of mine asked for help for a foundation’s exhibition in Transylvania. This is a foundation called the Citizens’ Committee for Human Rights. My family and I went to help the foundation at this exhibition, and I have to say that I understood everything there. I understood what was going on in the world and felt that I had to deal with it. This is my way. I feel with all my heart that everyone should know this exhibition and this information. To this day, I help this foundation, but now I volunteer at its European branch. It’s been 12-13 years now.

When I started my dessert-making business, I wanted to somehow include the same human care, the same help, as we provide at the foundation. But I felt something was missing. And this lack was given to me by my assistance at the last exhibition. I had to face him there, that what I love the most is saving people: from all bad mental states, so that they don’t have to go to psychiatry, to turn to drugs, which put them in an even more hopeless situation. I was a dwarf there and it was on my mind that if people are happy, they avoid accidents and psychiatry. So I have to add this to my dessert venture. And as I taught myself this lesson, in one moment the idea of the slogan “Give a smile and save a life” was born.

Questioner: Do you think that’s enough, just a SMILE is needed for everyone to be happy and cheerful?
Gudmor (Csilla): It would be nice to say yes 🙂 Really. But I’m not naive. I know my campaign won’t make everyone happy at once, but I believe it will help people feel better for a minute, an hour or a day!

Questioner: And that’s it?
Gudmor (Csilla): No. I will continue this campaign until 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, many minutes become many hours and many days!