Bonbon tasting event

I invite you to a bonbon taste test!

I would like to share my unique, handmade bonbons with you and create their taste world together. This is a special occasion where you can participate in the creation process!

Come and be among the first to taste these mouth-watering delicacies. Taste, enjoy the flavors and share your opinion with us!

Participation in the event requires prior registration, so please register to participate!


My friends have already commented on the bonbons: “This is fantastic!”, “We couldn’t leave the house because we were stuck in the kitchen with the cookies. Everything I’ve tasted so far is really great!” and many other words of praise.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this sweet adventure! Come and spend a fantastic afternoon together!


All my products are vegan

All products are free of white granulated sugar

60% of them are gluten-free

100% lactose-free

100% egg-free

40% of them have reduced carbohydrate content

In fact, even ketogenic dieters can find something delicious!


Participation only with prior registration!

Admission: 100Sek




Zsolt Divinyi


Or click on the link and pay by card.