"Give a Smile Save a Life"

I'm Anyác

“When I started my dessert business, I dreamed of coloring people’s lives with a little chocolate or a batch of bonbons.

My name is Csilla Cser, dessert coach, founder of the Gudmor’s Treats brand, creator of the “Give a smile and save a life” campaign and author of dessert recipe books.

My personal mission: To create and build love, friendships, relationships, and fun among people with my sweets.

The “Give a smile save a life” campaign was born from this idea. Because I believe that with each smile we get a little closer to each other and bring happiness into the world.”

The Secret Magic of Human Relationships Smile and Chocolate

Establishing a relationship: A smile is always a good starting point for a new acquaintance, and if you add a little chocolate to it, it’s almost a guaranteed success.


Stress reliever: When the difficulties of life are weighing you down, a little chocolate and a smile will help to relieve the tension. The release of happiness hormones is guaranteed!

Reliever of sadness: Together, a smile and chocolate can light up even the darkest moments and lift the sadness for a moment, temporarily cheering up the soul. These small gestures remind us that even in the most difficult times there is the possibility of happiness.


Shared experience: There is nothing better than discovering the flavors of various chocolates together while talking to each other with a smile. Chocolate bites and smiles shared together bond, creating memorable moments that can make relationships even closer.

Loyalty: Those who share delicious chocolate together and smile with joy at each other are more likely to remain loyal to each other.


Improve communication: Pleasant tastes and joyful moments promote more open and honest communication. Tasty snacks help open people’s hearts and minds.

Love: Last but not least, a smile and a chocolate are small signs that we can use to show our love and care to others.


The special feature of the packages is that each package contains 2 products (chocolate, bonbons or biscuits), one for you and the other for the person you want to see smile.


You don’t have to do anything else, just take out the candy, chocolate or biscuit, open it and offer it to a friend, family member, acquaintance, or even just a sad person on the street. And eat it together 🙂

Does it seem like a small act? BELIEVE, you may have saved the day of the person you offered it to 🙂 or you may have changed their life 🙂

I'm Anyác

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All our products are free of white granulated sugar

I'm Anyác

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egg free

100% egg-free

no sugar

All our products are free of white granulated sugar

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