One of my childhood favorite sweets in vegan version

There is a Hungarian dessert that every Hungarian knows, and I have never met a Hungarian who didn’t like it, even if said Hungarian was born abroad. This is none other than turórudi!
When I was a child, you could almost always find it in the fridge at home. My sister and I would go home from school or from a long game, and the first thing we would do was go to the fridge and check if we had any túrórudi. And luckily, we did, many times!
So it was completely natural for me that sooner or later I “need” to make this favorite of mine vegan!
At the beginning of my veganism, one of my acquaintances, who was trying the keto-vegan diet at the time, showed me a website where I found a recipe for cottage cheese dumplings. I made it then, and the whole family really liked it.
One day, when I was experimenting with the vegan peach “cheesecake”, I cooked a little too much millet.
That’s when I remembered that I had made “cottage cheese dumplings” based on Miri’s recipe, and I was excited that if it was possible to make cottage cheese dumplings in a vegan way, then I could also make túrórudi.
I finished the peach “cheesecake” and started to flavor the remaining millet. I had some raspberry jam left over from the day before, so I thought I’d use that too.
I love ball-shaped desserts – I don’t really know why –, maybe because it’s easy to dip in chocolate. So it also took the shape of a ball. But, of course, it can also be made in the form of a traditional bar.


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