Proteinbomb Vegan Dessert Recipe Book

19+3 Proteinbomb Dessert Recipe

19+3 "Proteinbomb"

Vegan Dessert

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I love sweets, but being vegan, I get my protein from plant-based products.

Look at the contents of the recipes

Peanut basket

Peanut basket

Csokis müzligolyó

Chocolate granola ball

raspberry snack

Raspberry snack

Orange cube

Orange cube

Marzipan cube

Marzipan cube

Coconut Chocolate Ball

Coconut granola ball

chocolate cube recipe

Chocolate cube

Peanut granola ball

Peanut granola ball

As I mentioned, I'm a fan of desserts, so I wanted to take protein through snacks.

This is how this recipe collection was born, which you can now download as an ebook.

I grew up with my mother baking cookies every week.

At least 4-5 parties for holidays!

I started helping my mom with baking when I couldn’t even reach the table yet. That’s why my chair was always my table because I could comfortably reach it. I stretched and tore the dough there. I still have the image in front of me of how I roll out the dough, filling it with childlike glee.

But let's get back to the 19 "proteinbomb" recipes.

The recipes are based on oats, flaxseed, almonds, sesame seeds, and buckwheat. It’s all full of very high quality protein.

Recipes do not include:

* white sugar

* white flour

* honey

no sugar

However, they contain:




These recipes are not only rich in protein and healthy,


Here are some of my friends' opinions about "protein bombs":

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These recipes are Vegan