Vegan Marzipan Dessert Recipes

Marzipan cube

Marzipan cube recipe

chocolate marzipanball

Marzipan ball recipe

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Raspberry-marzipan ball

Raspberry-Marzipan ball recipe

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Aszaltszilvás marcipangolyo

Dried Plum-Marzipan ball recipes

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Cereal Ball Almond3

Orange Marzipan ball recipe

Recipes are being uploaded

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be one of the first to receive an email notification about these delicious vegan marzipan dessert recipes. For me, marzipan has always occupied a prominent place in the world of desserts. "Birthday boy reached a culinary orgasm thanks to a chocolate ball." — said my friend after tasting his birthday present.

"This is one of my favourites. I always have very "important things to do" in the kitchen when I have these in the fridge." J. Cs.
"I can eat plenty of these at any time." Zs. D.
"I not only like to create with marzipan, but I also like to eat it. Marzipan paired with chocolate and raspberry jam is sublime." Anyác
I am