Why bake vegan desserts?

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If you’re a vegan parent or grandparent, this doesn’t even occur to you, because you always make it.

If you are not vegan, then why am I recommending my vegan desserts to you?

There is almost no family that does not have a family member or friend who needs special meals for some reason.

Whether the reason is health, thinking more healthily or just following the current nutritional fashion.

Each can cause a lot of trouble and headaches for the dessert maker to meet the different needs.

Have you been there before?

I encountered different needs in my environment. I became vegan for health reasons. One of my friends also has a special diet for health reasons. My mother is diabetic and allergic to hazelnuts.

We regularly go to a larger party, where I also bring desserts and cakes. There you will find all kinds of nutritional needs. Apart from a few vegans, you will find keto dieters, and some people are gluten and lactose intolerant. And, of course, there are those with traditional meals in both companies.

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My experience has been that with a little care, vegan desserts are the only ones with which I can satisfy all family members and friends with special meals at the same time.

The best part is that I only have to make one type of dessert for all of this.

Would you also be happy if you didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen before a meeting with friends?

Or preparing in the kitchen all day for family parties?

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